The Myrtos Beach is the trademark of Kefalonia. There is not one person in the world, which has chosen to visit Kefalonia and has not seen the beauty of Myrtos Beach. It is located in the northern part of Kefalonia and belongs to the municipality of Pilaros. Myrtos Beach is 8 km from Agia Efimia, 3 km from the village Divarata and about 30 km from Argostoli. The landscape is simply unmatched. Green rocks that result in quite a long beach with white pebbles. The turquoise waters and certainly with or without wave will make your swimming experience unforgettable and definitely will make you take many many photos. It has been voted one of the best beaches in Greece and the world. Every year Myrtos is being awarded from the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) with the blue flag. One of its main characteristics is that the water gets really deep just two steps from the sea shore. That is why the colour of the water is so impressive. Attention is also required as the currents can be very dangerous on certain days and the protective net should not be trespassed. Myrtos Beach is also well organized (canteen, umbrellas, sunbeds, lifeguard etc.). You will find everything necessary to enjoy a wonderful day. Tip: Do not leave until watching the sunset; it’s a unique experience.


The Xi Beach is a well-known and at the same time beautiful beach of Kefalonia, located 8km south of Lixouri. Xi Beach however has no steep cliffs or deep waters like most beaches in Kefalonia. Instead it’s very easy accessible, its water is very shallow and thus more than suitable for children. What makes the Xi Beach so unique and extremely impressive is its reddish color of sand. Because of its clayey composition, one can enjoy a natural and free spa session, as it is said to have cleaning and tightening effects to the skin. The beach is well organized; you will easily find parking, a canteen, a cafeteria and umbrellas. If you like you can also spread out your towels a bit farther to be more private. For water sport lovers, Xi Beach offers a big variety (Jet-Ski, Water-Ski etc.).


Skala is located on the southeastern end of Kefalonia, around 35 km from Argostoli and 12 km away from Poros.
The region of Skala and its village are having a great tourism development over the last years.
One of the major reasons for this is the Beach of Skala; Crystal clear waters, great sand and vegetation that grow almost into the beach. Skala Beach is fully organized but preserves its own distinct character.
Apart from the village and the beach of Skala it is worth visiting other other beautiful beaches and picturesque villages situated in the southeastern part of Kefalonia.


The island of Kefalonia attained special glamour and publicity because of the Hollywood production “Captain Corelli's Mandolin”, starring Nicolas Cage, Penélope Cruz, Christian Bale and John Hurt, which was filmed in the year 2000 on the island. The beach that fascinated most viewers was none other than the beach of Antisamos.
Antisamos Beach is one more beach of Kefalonia, which has been awarded with the blue flag.
It's a beach with small pebbles, located a few kilometers from the port of Sami.
The landscape combines all shades of blue and green, where the vegetation once again grows almost into the sea.


"PETANI" is a word of Homer, meaning an area with abundant water throughout the year.
Petani Beach is another well-known beach of Kefalonia awarded with a blue flag. The Petani Beach consists of fine white fine pebbles and crystal clear turquoise waters.
The path to the beach itself is unique. Following the route Lixouri-Monopolata, Agia Thekli, Vilatoria and approaching the beach you will be amazed by the uniqueness and the beauty of the landscape. The beach is fully organized with canteen, restaurant and sunbeds.
If you can stay until late you will be awarded with a sunset through the mountains.